Dinner Menu

Crawfish Dip
Served up nice n' hot with corn chips. 8.99

Crab Cakes
Homemade and served with Pearl's remoulade sauce. 9.99

Pearl's Dirty Chips

Topped with bleu cheese sauce, bacon bits, and fresh diced green scallions. 8.99

Fried Crawfish Tails
Served with Pearl's remoulade sauce. 9.99

Coconut Shrimp
4 jumbo shrimp breaded with coconut. Served with mango chili-pepper sauce. 8.99

Dynamite Shrimp

Bite-size shrimp breaded and tossed in a spicy Caribbean style sauce over shredded lettuce. 8.99

Fried Dill Pickles

Served with homemade ranch dressing. 5.99

Fried Popcorn Shrimp
Crispy bite-size shrimp. 7.99

Veggie Pizza
Flat bread pizza topped with fresh spinach, tomatoes, melted cheese and Alfredo sauce. 6.99

Potato Skins

6 potato skins filled with cheddar cheese, bacon and chives. Served with sour cream. 6.99

Fried Calamari Rings
Served with piquant sauce. 8.99

Gator Bites
Tender nuggets of marinated Louisiana alligator over tobacco onions and fried jalapeno slices. Served with Pearl's remoulade sauce. 10.99

Mussel Pan Roast
Served with spiced tomato sauce and a fresh baked roll. 10.99


Pick Any Two: 10.99

Choose From:
Dynamite Shrimp, Coconut Shrimp, Potato Skins, Crawfish Dip, Crawfish Tails, Dill Pickles, Crab Cakes, Dirty Chips, Popcorn Shrimp, Calamari.

* All Oysters are Dine-In Only *

Louisiana G
ulf Oysters "raw"

Served raw with spicy cocktail sauce.
1/2 dz. 8.99  / 1 dz. 14.99

*Char-Grilled Oysters*
Topped with garlic chipotle butter and Parmesan cheese.
1/2 dz. 11.99 

Pearl's Hot Shucks
Topped with jalapeno peppers and pepper jack cheese.
1/2 dz.  11.99

Flash Fried Oysters
Served with Pearl's remoulade or cocktail sauce. 11.99

Oysters Bienville
Topped with shrimp and mushroom Parmesan sauce. 1/2 dz. 11.99

Oysters Rockefeller
Topped with creamed spinach and Parmesan cheese. 1/2 dz. 11.99

Oyster Sampler
Char-grilled, Rockefeller and Hot Shucks. Try two of each! 1/2 dz. 12.99


Petite Lobster Tail
Add a 3-4 oz. petite Atlantic lobster tail. 9.99

Snow Crab Legs
Add ½ lb. Snow Crab legs. 6.99


Add 4 grilled, fried or coconut shrimp 4.99

Served with rice pilaf and broccoli.

Fresh Fish of the Day
Ask about our fresh fish of the day.

Pan Roasted Tilapia

Served with sautéed shrimp and crawfish in a Creole cream sauce. 16.99

Stuffed Shrimp
Butterflied shrimp baked with our home-made crab stuffing. 18.99

Alaskan King Crab Legs
Served with drawn butter. 1 lb. 36.99

Broiled Seafood Platter
Blackened catfish, broiled scallops and stuffed shrimp. 21.99

Bronzed Alaskan Salmon
Our special recipe for this Alaskan dish! 15.99

Blackened Catfish
Pan seared with butter and blackened seasonings. 13.99

Crab Cake Dinner
Homemade and served with Pearl's remoulade sauce. 14.99

Broiled Lobster Tail
Twin petite lobster tails.  Served with drawn butter. 26.99


Combination dinners served with broccoli.

Pick Any Two: 16.99

Choose From
Fried Shrimp, Salmon, Crab Cake, Coconut Shrimp, Pasta Jambalaya, Seafood Alfredo, Shrimp Scampi, Catfish (fried or blackened), Lobster Tail(add 2.50), Chicken Breast (4 oz.).

Served with French fries, hush puppies and coleslaw.

Fried Seafood Platter
Flash fried catfish, shrimp and oysters. 19.99

Fried Shrimp Platter
Hand breaded jumbo fried shrimp. 16.50

Pearl's Fried Catfish Platter

Fillets deep fried to perfection.
1 PC 8.99 / 2 PC 12.99 / 3 PC 14.99

Served with rice pilaf and broccoli.

Chicken Breast
Grilled or blackened.  8 oz. 9.99

Hand-cut USDA Choice. 7 oz. 12.99

Hand-cut USDA Choice. 6 oz. 23.99

Surf n' Turf
7 oz. Ribeye and Lobster Tail. 22.99
6 oz. Filet and 2 Twin Petite Lobster Tails. 43.99


Pearl's Side Salad
A smaller version of our house salad. 3.99

Pearl's House Salad
Crisp lettuce with cucumbers, tomatoes and red onions. 5.99

Spinach Salad

Red onion slices, mushrooms, sliced boiled eggs, Parmesan cheese and Pearl's warm Andouille vinaigrette. 6.99

Traditional Caesar Salad
Romaine lettuce, Parmesan cheese and house made croutons. 5.99

Salad Toppers
Add Chicken, Salmon, Oysters, Shrimp or Crawfish. Add 5.99. Choose g
rilled, blackened or fried.

Pearl's Dressings

Homemade Ranch, Italian, Honey Mustard, Bleu Cheese, 1000 Island, Pearl's Warm Andouille Vinaigrette


Soup of the Day
Cup 3.99 / Bowl 5.99

Louisiana Seafood Gumbo

Our homemade specialty.
Cup 6.00 / Bowl 9.00

Shrimp & Crawfish Etoufee

Slow cooked, dark and rich. Served over rice.
Cup 6.00 / Bowl 9.00

Red Beans & Rice
Pearl's secrets recipe.
Cup 5.00 / Bowl 7.00


Green Beans, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, French Fries, Boiled New Potatoes, Steamed Rice, Rice Pilaf, Fried Okra, Steamed Broccoli, Macaroni & Cheese, Italian Spinach, Stone Ground Grits, Homemade Coleslaw, Corn on the Cob, Hush-puppies.

Veggie Plate:   Any 3:  6.99    Any 4:  8.99


Pearl's Seafood Alfredo
Shrimp, crawfish and sea scallops in Pearl's Alfredo sauce. 16.99

Chicken Alfredo
A fresh breast of grilled or blackened chicken and pasta in Pearl's Alfredo sauce. 14.99

Shrimp Scampi & Pasta
Jumbo shrimp sautéed with garlic, butter and white wine. 15.99

Pasta Jambalaya
Homemade with shrimp, chicken and Andouille sausage.
A spicy favorite! 16.99

Vegetarian Pasta
Fresh vegetables seasoned and sautéed over pasta. 8.99

Served with shredded lettuce, red ripe tomato, dill pickles, 
remoulade sauce and fries.

Chicken Breast Sandwich
Chicken breast grilled or blackened. 7.99

Tilapia Sandwich

Fried, grilled or blackened Tilapia fillet. 8.99

Grouper Sandwich
Fried, grilled or blackened Grouper fillet. 13.99

Crab Cake Sandwich
Pearl's crab cakes served as a sandwich. 10.99

Crispy Catfish Po-Boy
Hand breaded and flash fried catfish. 8.99

Fried Shrimp Po-Boy

Hand breaded and flash fried gulf shrimp. 8.99

Fried Oyster Po-Boy

Hand breaded and flash fried oysters. 10.99

Crispy Crawfish Tail Po-Boy

Hand breaded and flash fried crawfish tails. 9.99

Peacemaker Po-Boy

1/2 shrimp and 1/2 oysters, breaded and flash fried. 9.99

Grilled Andouille Sausage Po-boy
Served with Cajun honey mustard sauce. 9.99


Peel n' Eat Shrimp
Chilled, easy to peel shrimp served with cocktail sauce.
1/2 lb  9.99

Shrimp & Grits
Served with muddy water broth, Tasso ham and shoestring onions. 11.99

Sausage & Red Beans
Sausage and slow cooked red beans served over white rice. 8.99

Fish or Chicken Tacos
Choose grilled Tilapia or blackened chicken.  Topped with pico de gallo, mix of cheeses and chipotle ranch dressing.  Served with corn chips. 9.99

Pearl's BBQ Shrimp

5 jumbo shrimp hand-breaded and basted with our homemade chipotle BBQ sauce.  Served with garlic mashed potatoes and fried spinach. 15.99

Snow Crab Legs
Served with drawn butter. 1lb. 16.95


Shrimp & Crab Bucket
Served with sausage, potatoes and corn on the cob.  Plain or spicy. 21.99

Pearl's Shrimp Boil
Hot & spicy!  Served with corn, potatoes and Andouille sausage.
1/2 lb. 14.99

Steamed Platter
Steamed shrimp, mussels, two snow crab legs, sausage and corn seasoned with Pearl's special seasonings. 19.99


Key Lime Pie
Tart and tangy key lime delight! 4.99

Fudge Brownie
Homemade brownie topped with vanilla bean ice cream. 5.99

Bread Pudding
Homemade bread pudding with raisins topped with warm rum sauce. 5.99

Crème Brulee
Vanilla custard with caramelized topping. 5.99

Each kid's meals includes a beverage. For children 10 and under.

Chicken Alfredo

Grilled chicken and pasta in Pearl's Alfredo sauce. 5.99

Kid's Burger
Served with French fries. 5.99 Add Cheese .50

Popcorn Shrimp
Crispy bite-sized shrimp.  Served with French fries. 6.99

Chicken Tenders
Served with French fries. 5.99

Cheese Pizza
Flat bread pizza topped with melted cheese and tomato sauce. 5.99



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